My phone paid for my phone and he passed away October 30.  I need help 


My son not my phone 

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My sympathies on your loss.

This is a user to user forum not Visible support. Unfortunately, Visible doesn't have a phone number to call.

I'd recommend going to . Once there, click on the Chat with us link that appears there to start a chat session; you can continue as guest and simply provide your first name and last name. When the chat starts you'll be chatting with an AI robot (Connai). Using the "How can we help?" drop down menu, select Other,  type Death in the text box and click Start Chatting to initiate the chat. I was just testing it to see what the response would be, and for me it went straight to the live agent queue.

Hopefully, they can provide you with some timely assistance or even better provide you with a better way to resolve this matter. 

P.S. Don't respond to any requests for personal information in  this public form. Similarly, there is a private direct messaging feature in this forum. Exercise caution in replying to any direct messages there unless you can verify that you're dealing with a Visible employee - there's no shortage on individuals who'd take advantage of your situation. The link and instructions I gave will keep you in the Visible support channel. 


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You'll need to contact an agent as this is a community forum. I'm truly sorry for your loss.