Hey everybody, guess what? My Samsung Z Flip 4 is compatible, but my new Z Flip 5 is not


You think I am joking, but apparently not. Dead in the water. IMEI rejected.


You might point out that Visible uses Verizon towers, and that Verizon is selling the Z Flip 5, but I am told that Visible has its own special magic that makes some phones just not work.  I sure hope the upcoming iPhone 15 will work, but I guess you will have to wait and see.


Funny story. Many years ago I wanted to move my family to Visible. I had a OnePlus 5 at the time. And they said it was not compatible. So I asked, and they said the OnePlus 7 Pro was. So I got one, and we had many happy years with Visible. Life goes on, I got divorced, and I recently decided to try Visible with my new fiancé and her daughter.  I gave her daughter the 7 Pro. So I got us all hooked up, but her phone just would not work. So I asked and was told that the 7 Pro is not compatible. I know it was, but I guess things change. 


If anyone from Visible is here, could you please explain why my Z Flip 4 worked, but my Z Flip 5 won't? Can you tell me why I see an ad for the Z Fold at your website when the new model apparently won't work? Do I really have to pack up and leave?


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Ain't nobody here but us chickens... er, uhm customers. This is simply a peer-to-peer self help forum of users with only some minimal moderation by Visible and Khoros to keep the peace so you wont get an official answer here (at least I've never seen one)

The compatibility database is outdated and not updated regularly. It took nearly a year for mine to finally show as compatible when it was all along. Just for grins you might want to try what I did. I've never really confirmed this triggered my phone to be compatible but elsewhere some have said this works for certain phones. It's easy enough to do:


If you've got a physical SIM for the Flip 4 you could always move it to the Flip 5 to see if it works. That's all  I've ever needed to do to change phones.

The only drawback is you won't get any support while the Flip 5 is showing incompatible. In reality no big loss IMHO.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have an eSIM, and it will not transfer. 


Honestly, I cannot believe this company. Visible is now offering the Z Flip 5 (coming soon) but it is not listed in the compatible devices. I have begged them to  ask the people offering it when I can expect it to work and they just keep saying you have to check the IMEI. It is like talking to a wall.


The thing is I traded my Z Flip 4 in to get the 5. So I have a limited time to send it in. No one cares and no one will try to help me. \


What kind of company is this?

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It is likely to new of a phone to be in their IMEI database. Verizon actually owns Visible but it operates as an MVNO and a separate entity. They refuse to use Verizon's IMEI database, or have said they can't but no reason was given to me. Only phones that seem to be preprogrammed to work on Visible is iPhones. Pixels still require time to get the IMEI database updated but for the most part they are compatible after a short period of time and may your Fold is the same. People were recently buying the new Pixel 7a and they showed not compatible but it took some time for Visible to get around to updating the database for that model they eventually became compatible a few weeks after Google released them.

Well, sadly I am done. I have a limited window to send in the Z Flip 4 I traded in for the 5, and the idea that I should just periodically check to see if it is now magically compatible is offensive. I have begged people to just reach out and ask when the Z Flip 5 will be offered, and they won't even respond to that question. Instead, they keep saying to check the checker. 


I have never been shoved out the door by a vendor before, but I can take a hint. Goodbye Visible.

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This is a peer to peer forum, there are no employees of Visible that visit here. If you need help or questions contact customer service by chat, FB Messenger, Twitter or even on Reddit by DM. If you use chat type live agent in the box or you will chat with a robot. If you egged for help here you wasted your time as there are only a few users here and not much we can do to help outside of suggestion on what to do.


Good luck! Bye!