I think Verizon should shut down Visible!!!

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Since Verizon owns Visible and the customer service is non existent why not just shut Visible down and transfer these plans over to Verizon! Why not offer these plans straight from Verizon? Does Verizon actually need a separate company to sell a cheaper plan? I have liked the plan and the phone service so far but now we have to switch to a new plan and there is nothing but problems. My problems are my 15 month old phone shows not compatible with new plans, didn't see that coming, and trying to buy a new phone it tells me I already have a device order in my account and cannot place another device order. Makes it kind of tough to switch to a new plan when you can't.


Is customer service at Verizon this bad? We need an improvement here for sure.


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I agree that it makes no sense.  I guess the reason it's cheap is that there is zero customer service.  After two days I removed Visible because it literally erased my 5G on my Iphone 12 pro max.  As soon as I stopped the service that reappeared.

Agreed horrible CS worse then Sprint which is saying something