Improvement to sign-up process

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There’s a thread on Reddit from a guy who had issues porting. While I disagree on how he presented it, he does have a point that the current process, quite frankly, sucks if something doesn’t work right.


I can tell there’s at least 7 steps involved from sign-up to successful service with a port, and if any of the steps fail there’s no way to proceed further or revert. And those are just the ones visible to the end-user like me. Without going into the details, here’s a few things that Visible should look into to make this process less like a root canal in progress.


  • Inform user that a number migration from another Verizon MVNO (intra-carrier) requires manual intervention and extended downtime with no service.
  • Assign a temporary number during the port process so if the porting runs into trouble they aren’t left paying for service with no ability to make calls. Once the port completes update the SIM with the real number and let the user know.
  • eSIM reprovisioning needs to be made available via the app. Ideally via QR but the current “solution” of forcing a physical SIM to be mailed if eSIM download fails or doesn’t work is not an acceptable resolution.

There’s an article that came out today that states eSIM is ready for prime time, and yet there’s no migration method to or recovery from a failed eSIM download. You say you want the whole sign-up process to be easy and automated, yet with my most recent activation I needed to contact support 3 times.


Just my 2-1/2 cents (including inflation).


— Starfox



Amazing job laying that out @Starfox - it's quite a feat to get set up with a wireless carrier 100% remote!

Kudos to Visible and to all working to improve on this process.

There are SO many details that go on behind the scenes - observations like you've included above will no doubt contribute to this working better down the road!

Cheers to a more seamless & smooth setup in our future! 🥂


While waiting for my SIM to arrive, I did some research on how to have a smooth and seamless activation.  The reports I read online scared me, so I followed the do’s and don’t’s to the tee.  And maybe also because Visible had ironed out all the issues reported online by the time I activated, I had a super smooth and successful activation.  It took 5 minutes, if that.  I did it on the parking lot of a Starbucks Coffee.  Afterwards, I drove to the several places that I frequent just to make sure that I get a good signal.  And the signal was good!

Not the fastest internet I’ve used, but completely usable.

So far, my experience with Visible is super great!

Thank you once again, Visible!

Good feedback, @marciano!

While there are areas of improvement the onboarding process does have many cases where it is seamless and works flawlessly - smooth onboarding for the win! 💪😃