Kudos to Visible

Intermediate III

Since I was very critical of Visible's purchase and activation process just about this time last year, I'd be remiss not offering them some kudos for my smooth attempt to signup and activate this year. Everything went smoothly this year including the self-referral process for a second account. SIM card arrived over night, the instructions for activation were concise and clear. It only took minutes to be up and running with the second account. Samsung A42 5G Android 13 - dual SIM with T-Mobile and Visible switching back and forth between each as primary/secondary. Glad to see some of the kinks worked out.

Just to followup... dual SIM works pretty much seamlessly with my primary carrier and Visible backup. New SIM is actually 5G this time - old one never picked up 5G.


Intermediate III

Wish I could say the attempt to activate a second line using a different email account was successful, but alas it wasn't. Order went smoothly (despite shipped overnight and meeting the requirements). Shipped the next day and was here today (8/23). Activation appeared to be going soon until asked to click activate at the end - payment method had an issue but was indeed valid. I even received and email from Visible saying they got the payment method, which was preceded by the credit card authorizing the $0 charge  used to verify the card. Attempts at 2 other methods similarly failed having an "issue".

If anyone from Visible's listening they know how to contact me for more info but not worth the aggravation for me at this time unless Visible takes the initiative.

Chat was unable to resolve so just canceled the account. Gremlins still exist in Visible's system that Chat agents are unprepared for and unable to resolve. Not really their fault - on a positive note Chat experience was much better despite no resolution. Got right in after insisting to Connai that I needed a "live agent" 4 separate times.

Here's hoping the payment method works on the 1st (primary line) - it's the same one.

Was hoping to kick my primary carrier to the curb, but Visible just isn't ready for prime time yet. It does serve my needs well as a secondary & backup.



So ordered a new SIM for a new account SIM this week after attempt to activate failed 3 weeks ago. No problems activating the 2nd line this go round - SIM shipped over night and activated just fine even using the same payment method that wasn't accepted last time. Temporary payment processing glitch the last time,  I'll assume and will re-evaluate dropping primary carrier at this time and using Visible as the primary.

Just passing along experience for others...