International Travel- Brazil


Hello! Looking for advice. I’m traveling to Brazil shortly and am wondering what I can do for phone service while there. Does anyone in this community have experience traveling to Brazil with Visible?  Thank you!


Hi Zinha,


Visible doesn't offer International Roaming outside of Mexico a Canada, but Wi-Fi calling works. What I've done is to get a prepaid service in Brazil, in my case service from Vivo ( it has been working great. Now if you travel a lot internationally you may want to consider switching to Google Fi (, Fi has international Roaming at no extra cost in almost every country in the wold.


No it won't work there.  You can only go to Canada and Mexico and to do that you need the Visible plus plan.  Check for all the info.

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This reply is late, but I hope to help others. I lived in Brazil for years, and the best option for an easy SIM card there is via the Correios - Brazilian Post Office. They have SIM cards you can purchase easily and only last for a month unless you charge them again with another payment. For most travelers one month is fine. It has acceptable data and calling options. Not sure you can do it online, I think you have to physically go to a post-office. 


You'll need to use wi-fi.