International Travel; Wi-Fi Calling in Conjunction with Local Data-Only eSIM


I have an iPhone SE (2020) with Visible (not plus) service.  I understand there is no Visible service outside the US, Mexico, and Canada.  In the past when I travel abroad, I used Airalo to purchase an eSim for the country or region that I'm visiting.  Airalo sells data-only plans; they do not have a phone number.  In settings, I disabled my "Primary" line (Visible) and enabled my "Travel" line (whatever local company Airalo sells).


It never occurred to me to use Visible's Wi-Fi calling when abroad.  Is it possible to use Visible's Wi-Fi calling without disabling the local eSIM "Travel" line?  Or do I have to toggle the two lines back and forth?



Hi @msuberly - You are spot on!  You can use Visible as long as you set up WiFi calling in advance (to avoid any troubles when you’re international).  You’ll want to leave both services active and when your phone app asks what service to use to dial out, select Visible (NOTE: You probably won’t get prompted if it’s a data only line, but there’s still a chance you might as even data only lines have a number assigned to them, just not necessarily Visible to you 🙂 ).

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