Music buffering

Novice III

Check out my Speedtest result! How fast is your internet? Not sure I can make 3 months of this


Novice III

This is a result of Visible throttling speeds to preserve bandwidth for Verizon customers (and MVNOs) with priority data. If you live within a heavily populated area, or a very rural area, this is typical. Visible works well in most areas, but not in all. Visible might not be a good fit for you if you rely on LTE/5G where this test was ran.

I'm not in a heavy populated area (17k population) or very rural area (don't have to drive to another town to get to Walmart). Yeah I'll prob suffer till I get the phone credit then back to att. If it wasn't for wifi calling in would have to switch as it goes in and out of no service

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I've been using Visible for about two years now. It was pretty good in the beginning, but now the throttling is happening all of the time. My phone is practically useless. I'm ditching Visible to go back to Cricket before the end of the month.