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Novice III


Been 3 days since porting number over to visible from t mobile and I couldn’t be happier, I have had no issues, I can receive and make calls, I can receive and send text with out any issues.

The speeds are not what I had on t mobile but they are good enough I can still watch my tv app while at work without any buffering or freezing.

Edit: I have a 30 dollar plain



I can say after 15 months of service I have been happy. Just not happy that I have to buy a new phone already.


Speeds all depend on how heavy the usage is. I am in a rural area and 13 miles from a single tower, towers are far and few in between here so there is no switching between which towers have the least traffic. Early morning hours when very few are on I can get close to 25mbps download and over 3mbps upload. During daytime when everyone is up I get anywhere from 1 to 3mbps average download and upload is bad at less than .1mbps. Verizon throttles back piggybacked carriers like Visible. I like that it is unlimited with no other limits.

Novice III

I have used over 30 gigs already and speeds seem to be fine for me 

I am on day 3 or 4 in the billing cycle and only have used 7 gigs. I use around 50 a month I think but I still have home phone/Wi-Fi for the TV otherwise I would use a lot more. 


Are you on the 5g network? You also might have more towers if you are in a populated area and your phone might be switching around to them. No 5g for 200 miles and I am in a rural part of the state and the towers are sparse. I am only in reach with one. I recently picked up a booster for the house because of being on 1 maybe 2 bars and now in the living room where the antenna is I have 4 to 5 bars, rest of house is still at 1 to 2 though since the antenna has such a short reach.

I live in a major city and Verizon has a great network though it, I’m only on the 30 plan because I don’t have a 5G phone so not wasting the extra 15 a month until I upgrade in a few months 

You would only need a 5g phone on the $30 plan for the 5g Nationwide band. The $45 plan is for the 5g ultra wide band and also gets you 50GB of premium data unless I read it wrong. Either way I don't have a choice since 5g is no where near me and I would still likely stay on the $30 plan even if 5g was available as I am a cheap person. :).

I can say after 6 months I never have been happier best mobile service ever and so easy to use 


I also have $30 plan