New Phones?

Novice III

How often does Visible add new phone models? I'm interested in the Samsung A52-Five-G.



This is the same phone that I'm interested in. My plan was to transfer my number over to Visible when this phone was released, but I'm disappointed to find out that Republic isn't offering any of the new Samsung A series. I expected more from Visible. Now I'm unsure about switching to Visible because they're only offering the new S21 phones from Samsung. Not everyone wants an S21, so you need to offer more variety and not old Samsungs. 

FYI...The unlocked version of the Galaxy A52  5G works on the Visible network. I've just activated the phone after first checking the IMEI number before buying it. I was able to get a Best Buy employee to let me copy the IMEI number. All seems well so far.

Does it work fully? Or do you feel that it's not working fully so far?

The phone works just fine.