OnePlus Nord N10 5G—Has Anyone Activated This Device on Visible?

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I cracked the screen on my ZTE phone on Friday and wanting to upgrade to a 5G device, on Friday I ordered the OnePlus N10 5G from Amazon after seeing online that Visible users have activated this device.

When mine arrived today I ran the IMEI and it came up as a no-go, we've (Visible) got phones for you, message.

My question here is, has anyone successfully activated a OnePlus N10 5G on the Visible network? And if you have, how has it performed for you?

In scanning online Android forums I'm seeing that WiFi calling isn't enabled (not a biggie for me) and that the data is LTE+ 4G, not the expected 5G.

Who can share their experiences? Could you activate the OnePlus N10 5G and what, if any features were not enabled.

I'm not going to open the package until I get some real feedback from the Visible community.

My device has a build date of 7/2/21 and the first 13 digits of my IMEI are 9900116480936XXX.

Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

In an unrelated topic, how much data do you use monthly? I use between 400-550GB in a typical month. I think Visible is the best bargain in wireless, especially with paying just $25/month in a fully built-out Party Pay Group. It's been so successful for me that I've totally ditched my Spectrum internet and TV packages, saving me more than $120/month.

For me, Visible is a no-brainer.




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Hey there! We are currently compatible with the OnePlus 8/8 Pro/7T/7 Pro. The full list of our compatible devices can be found by visiting this link phones may pass our compatibility checker and can be activated on our network, but haven’t been formally tested or approved and we cannot guarantee service