No service

I e been without service for over a week now they have restricted my account I don't owe any money I just want my service turn back on and visible refuses and r blocking me out I was 6 hrs late on my payment and they have made this a nightmare I need my phone back on I can't do anything without that number and service the IRS my assurance account that was stolen I can't fix my life is falling apart literally and they refuse to engage my service. I can't believe this is happening and noone will help me


Novice II

Hey I'm having the same issue. I'm 16 days in. Were you ever able to get help? I've engaged the BBB, FCC etc. 


I'm having the same issues. Had service for all bout 8 hours before it cutting out. Just signed up with visible the past weekend and now am on day 3 of working with them. Every time I try to get help the chat cuts out.