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October 2021 new customer promos


Hi. I joined last October and was supposed to get a $100 gift card but Visible says that it was only $50. Does anyone have the conditions when you sign up as a new customer, bring your phone and port your number from last October?


Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

I joined after this time frame, but when I signed up there was a difference if you brought your own phone or purchased a new one through visible.  If you used and old phone it was $50, if you purchased a new phone it was $100.  In my opinion the promotions are/were kind of confusing.  It seems the phone promotions are only for if you sign up for a new service along with purchasing the phone.  They are not just for purchasing a phone with an existing visible plan.


I wish the promotions were a little more clear in that you had to do both to get $100 (purchase a certain new phone from visible and sign up for new service). And if you bring your own phone over with new service it was $50.


It took me a while to figure that out. 😉


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