iPhone xr


I have Visible But I went from using a android to iPhone XR 

As soon as I put my Visible Sim into my iPhone XR I immediately get this message @https://vmg.vzw.com/VGIMS/VMServices But when I click on the link it goes to white label error and I can’t get I don’t know what else to do I’ve still been able to call out and receive calls and message but the hotspot won’t show up on any of my devices and it’s so slow Does anybody know what that link about and  is it about e sim I don’t know what to do thank u 



Is the iPhone unlocked from a carrier? Meaning was the iPhone previously tide to Verizon/T-Mobile/ATT? I ask because you may need to make sure the phone is unlocked first. 

Also that link takes you to the main Verizon page. The link idicates its taking you to Verizon Services but it only goes to the Main Verizon page.