OnePlus 8 Update

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The Visible model of the OnePlus 8 is now 6 months behind (!) on security updates, hasn't been update since November of last year, and is still running Android 10. When will Visible get its crap together and take responsibility for this mess and fix it?


Do not buy this phone from Visible if you expect timely updates!!


UPDATE: A Visible employee in r/visible has contacted me and is referring me to customer care. If they can make this right (whether by device exchange, refund, or update) I will be singing the praises of Visible! The service is incredible value, but this issue was the one hangup I had.


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Unless you want to get your hands dirty and switch any OnePlus device to the international ROM, i wouldn't buy a carrier branded OnePlus from any carrier and would buy directly from OnePlus.  They normally offer deals and financing directly, just like the carriers

Not super helpful with the current situation. Of course it's better to buy directly from OnePlus, but when I purchased the device I had no idea that Visible had its own software. 

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Exactly and my post is to help others not make the same mistake. With that being said, I do side work for OnePlus and it is still possible to get any OnePlus device back on international ROM.  There's not much info out there to do it on the Visible version but it is possible. I would help more if I wasn't on an NDA with OnePlus. But I'm sure if you Google, are willing to get your hands a little dirty, you can figure it out.  It's fairly hard to completely brick a device now days, although if you mess something up, it might take hours to figure out how to correct


With that being said, it is up to the carriers to "approve" updates even after OnePlus creates them if s device is on carrier software.

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Yeah it's not very well known... but it seems the people behind the Oxygen Updater app knew that Visible had its own exclusive version because the Visible model is an option in their "choose your device" setting.


Hopefully whatever is holding back updates for this device gets fixed. 😞

I'm on an unbranded one from OnePlus.

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I'm looking to buy an unlocked OnePlus 8 on my own elsewhere. Which is the model# that works with Visible is it the in2015 ?

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Visible - how about an update on this issue?


It's bad enough that you don't sell the same phone that we would be buying from OnePlus directly, the least you could do is provide timely OS updates.