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travel to asia countries

How can I use my phone while overseas in Asia for a few weeks...??? Sims card? Upgrade to visible + ??? Please help I leave in a few days


Upon Visible now charging all customers $25 mo. for Basic, my account still shows my plan at the previous rate of $30 mo. I pointed this out to both a chat help person and a company relations officer. I was given a $5 discount for Nov. 2023 after com...

Visible protect

I am a Verizon customer and have phone insurance with them. If i bring my phone from Verizon can i get visible protect for it? Or will I need to find a third party insurance.

#Wrong Ph Number for 2 step verification

I did not intend to start an account with a commitment to have Visible Service. Was assigned a phone number which I is NOT mine. I cannot get chat help from Visible Customer Service because It is requiring 2 step verification to chat but then tries t...

Jarvis by Novice
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Multiple Connection

I can connect to a Roku stick and stream movies but I can’t use the Roku remote app on my phone at the same time. Is this because visible only allows me 1 connection at a time? The Roku remote isn’t as user friendly as using the Roku remote app on my...

Dana by Novice
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Data caps

Can anyone please tell me what the data cap is for the $25 visible plan (basic plan)?

Kudos to Visible

I have to say ... I was concerned when I saw the ad for Visible last week, aired in No. California, especially by a Hollywood actor ... I never trust anything out of Hollywood. Was it too good to be true? I had been a satisfied Verizon Wireless custo...

Payoff of Existing Device Transfer

When I ported my number over from Verizon Wireless, I brought my own phone, and there was a balance owed that now appears to be due in full. So, I brought my own phone to the party but apparently that didn't include the balance owed ... is this corre...