Phones that are not compatible with new network upgrade

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So I fell into a confusing situation just recently with visible new system upgrade process I became a member in 2020 with the old moto e6 phone which only use the Android 9 pie software and wasn't able to be upgraded so August 18th I purchased the new visible midnight phone for 100 thinking that because the phone was being offered as a upgrade it was going to be compatible with new system most people would think that the phone offered would be compatible.....well today September 3 I log in to pay my phone bill and switch to the new plan to only find out that the phone iv had for only 15 days ......and can't return because I missed the return deadline which was the 1st of September btw isn't compatible with new network upgrade so I'm out 100$ for a phone that isn't compatible and I can't return it. So after a long frustrating chat with customers support I finally met a customer service representative named Michelle who really went above and beyond what I would consider the job description she took the time to read my previous conversations and get the full story of what was happening she unfortunately wasn't able to fix it how we both would have wanted to but she took the initial step to make sure that the supervisors above her would be made aware of this problem of phone that they are selling not being compatible with new system upgrade. She was hoping that the company supervisors would take the necessary steps to try to find a solution to help with customers who are in the same situation and hopefully find a solution to help with getting it fixed or offering somr sort of rembursemrnt offer for replacement device even. Because I live on a very limited income source of disability payment so purchasing New phone at 100$ is really a struggle to do especially when you have to do it twice in less than a month. The company needs to make sure the phone offered would be ones that will be compatible with new system. I understand that it's a process to do all of this but keeping me customers happy and wanting to stay with them means making sure that there is a solution to fixing issues like this in a reasonable manner and without hurting the business either I completely understand that giving free phone's to everyone complains about everything isn't the right solution but something like a customer reward system for staying with company certain length of time or making constant payments even offer a once a year or two a free upgrade if you haven't already done it I know most cell phone companys do this mostly for the customers who are in a contact plan unfortunately but I know way more people who are using pay as you go or pre paid cell services these days and there really isn't much for help when something happens. Being it a Verizon powered company I would think that it would want to live up to the Verizon standards of customers service and value the customers who are putting money in the business. 


That's true that postpaid companies offer free quality phones in times you have to upgrade. Now about your phone you bought from visible, if the higher department don't resolve this issue or they don't let you return the phone I would dispute the charge because the phone is useless it's locked to visible you can't even use it on a different carrier.

True I'm hopeful that they will try to fix the problem with this irs the only company that actually has unlimited hot spot usage without throttling your speed for using to much data like every other company does even when you have a contract plan its  BS that is the way most company run things. I basically use my phone to stream my apps cheaper than actually internet where i live by 160$ and yes at first when you join Visible you are unable to use there phone on different network in to Visible for a limited amount of time as a new customer iv been within them for over a year and after a certain amount of time the phones are no longer locked and can be taken to different networks I actually had a conversation with the customer service rep about it when I got my new one because 8 had a friend who needed a phone and I wanted to make sure they could use my old one on a different network tower and it is completely possible to do that just like when the prepaid companies say BYOP options is what they had to do quick simple and swap sim cards and off they go. 


Visible forced me to look elsewhere. It was a good run at $40mth true unlimited (you're discontinuing 2023). But your transition to your new $30mth network won't allow compatibility of my phone YET, you will sell me a compatible phone that is the EXACT same model (Motorola Moto G Power) that I am typing on right now, (Sad, you force customers to have to buy a new exact same phone to become compatible). Found a provider for $25mth 30GB that will accept my existing phone that you won't! SO BYE!

P.S. If I get a new phone that's compatible, MAYBE I'll come & check your prices.

What company? Visible kicked my phone off too but didn't offer an upgrade. I went to straight talk which SUUUUCKS so much. I need options please!

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Ok well I want to know if you get the same feature with the other companies my biggest examples is unlimited hotspot data usage other companies iv seen say unlimited service yet they limit data speed after certain amount and then slow your connection speed or completely cut off hotspot all together......iv have personal experienced it myself..... visible is so far the only prepaid cell service that offers truly unlimited service would like others option on the subject as well