World Record Speed by Visible

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We know that the rich boyz and galz are on Verizon and the small folks are here. But I thought hey since we got forced to upgrade network which in turn opens the possibility to use 5G and 5GUW I might as well buy a 5G UW so I can have faster speed!


Turned out that all the rich boyz and galz now all flocked on 5G band and as commoners who are in 2nd, 3rd, 4th priority we get throttled down and enjoy the speed of dial up. So I said, forget it now let me just keep my 4G phone and be happy with it.

Wrong again!

Today, just like many other days before I got very slow connection and 1 bar to no bar at all. Out of curiousity I landed on speedtest and clocked a world speed record of 1.2 MBPS UL and 0.3 MBPS DL.

Good job Visible!


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You didn't say what plan you have. You have access to 5g c-band on the base plan but limited to 200Mbps but deprioritized, the plus plan would give you the rest of the UW bands whichever they are and 50GB or priority data but would still be at the mercy of Verizon traffic on those towers.


Having only 1 bar it sounds like poor signal which in turn will cause havok on speeds. I highly doubt you could even get UW with that low of a signal especially inside a building. From my understanding on what I have read, whether it is true or not, UW is a weak signal as does not travel well through walls, buildings and other obsticles and it to get it you basically need line of site to tower, again just what I read.

You already answered your own question as far as UW band.

I thought I read that the UW can possibly show while getting the c-band on the basic plan, maybe I was wrong. So no it didn't answer my question.


Again your poor signal is likely the cause of your poor data speeds but yet it seems like you are blaming Visible. 


The forced upgrade as you call it should have improved your speeds but won't do anything for your signal. The upgrade for me was an improvement on my speeds.


If Visible doesn't work for you there are other options out there. Good luck!

Of course I blame it on Visible, whose decision is to force the upgrade. Ever heard of the saying "don't fix what isn't broke" ?

Maybe you should think about leaving instead of crying about it here! There are a lot of other choices out there!

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