Ping much higher than usual in the past days...

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Noticing higher than usual PING in the range of 150.  I was getting around 40 range always until last night.

what's going on?


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I have always being getting more than 100 ms PING for more than a year. You are the lucky one.


I actually had no service for around 35 minutes or so last night. When service returned, my pings went from the usual 85 to around 100, however, my speeds were around twice what I normally get. I guess the network will fluctuate quite a bit until everything settles down a bit.

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What area? Sometimes they will be doing maintenance that will cause this but it will be regional! For a while, Visible was sending alerts out about this sort of stuff and they might still be, if it's regional, I'm sure they won't send to everyone. Basically, they might be routing your traffic to a different node temporarily

Ok, that makes sense.