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I am looking at possibly changing from Verizon to your service. I have Motorola 5G UW phone, which is about 3 years old. It works, but since I may be changing to your service and offer the same phone, I was thinking of getting a new phone. I have the following questions:

1) If I change to your service, how long does it take to make the transfer?

2) If I buy a new phone, will my service be interrupted and for how long?

3) Do you supply instructions on how to transfer my current contacts, photos and apps to the new phone? 


Thank you.


Curtis Easey


Intermediate III

1. depends on if you are going to go eSIM or order a SIM card. A pSIM is shipped FedEx next business day and needs to be signed for. Activation takes only a few minutes. Porting in a new number can take as little as 5 minutes. With eSIM some have reported as little as 5 minutes to a day or more if they don't follow procedure. If you are porting in your number keep your Verizon account activate. The port will cancel your service at Verizon. I have never ported and have read that since Verizon owns Visible I have read it is a migration and I think it is handled a little differently than a normal port, don't quote me on that is is what I have read on Visible's Reddit page.


2. There should be no interruption in service. Again don't cancel your Verizon account until after the port.


3. Visible does not provide instructions on how to transfer apps and such from old phone. I have android and it is pretty straight forward. I have no clue on how iPhones work.


Also, depending on where you are planning on buying your phone Visible database for phones isn't exactly friendly to Android phones, especially Motorola unless you buy it from Visible. Google Pixel seems to also be friendly and pass the compatibility checker 90% of the time. Samsung is hit or miss. Visible plays nice with iPhones. Phones need to be unlocked.

Thank  you for the information. Much appreciated.


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