Previous owner still listed for my new number


I don’t know if anyone else is having my issue? I came to Visible from AT&T. I decided not to transfer my old number from my previous carrier. Visible let me choose my new number. I kept the same pre fix 891 but I changed the last 4 numbers. Well I put my new number in my husbands contacts into his Ipone 11. Even though my name is listed in his contacts with my number his caller ID is showing up as the previous owner of the number. I contacted Visible about this. I was told they would help me change my number. I didn’t want to do that because I just changed my number with all the companies I do business with. That was a nightmare. Why would I want to go through all that again? They told me they can’t register the number in my name, even though I am paying for the number. It has to be listed as Wireless Caller or just the 10 digit #. WHAT? Why didn’t Visible say this? I would have kept my old number. Not only can’t my name show up on caller ID for my number I am receiving over 9 calls a day from bill collectors looking for the previous owner of my number Jeff Johnson. Apparently this man owes a lot of money to a lot of companies. Visible needs to fix this now. Is anyone else having this issue? 


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Apparently you got an agent that doesn't know how to correct the ID issue. I joined Visible last year and after about a week I noticed mine would come up as wireless caller or some such thing. I can't quite remember how it was explained to me but when you dial out your number goes through some sort of database but not sure who runs this database. The rep I talked to knew how to fix this issue and put in a ticket or whatever they did and I think it took about a day and my name is now showing up on the ID's. 


Now here is a funny story and doesn't really pertain to your situation but I was visiting my brother and had texted him and my ID showed up as my brother-in-laws name for my number. He uses an iPhone and apparently he had my number set up in his phones contact list as my BIL's number. We did fix that for him.


I know chat is a pain but maybe try Facebook messenger. I had as good of luck getting a hold of support that route and even though I had sent a message before bedtime I woke up to a reply and it was time stamped 45 minutes after I messaged them. They responded and needed some info I had to send them and I got a response within a few minutes which I was shocked, maybe a fluke but not sure. At least you won't lose a spot on chat if you're not paying attention or sidetracked while doing other things. 


Hope you get it fixed.