oneplus 11 compatibility -- imei you entered is not available


I have a new unlocked oneplus 11 phone. I am not an existing Verizon/Visible customer. 

When I checked the Visible site for compatibility and it asked for my IMEI number, it says "Your phone is compatible. Great news - you can bring your current phone with you to Visible!"


However, after I signed up for Visible,  downloaded the Visible app on my phone and transferred my number (deactivating my previous carrier!)  and try to use the Visible app on my new phone to use the e-sim, apparently Visible can't use IMEI number for e-sim.  The phone app gives the error message, ""imei you entered is not available"  Which is strange because an hour ago the website detected the IMEI number and determined that it was compatible with Visible. 


Visible is sending me a physical sim card. Which sounds like a Stone Age way to do it,  but whatever. 


Is it likely that the physical sim card will work? Also, is it possible or advisable to try to change from a physical sim card to an e-sim after I activate with the physical sim card. 


I ordered service on Wed night, Verizon disconnected my old number of Thursday, and hopefully the physical sim card will arrive on Monday (fingers crossed).  But three days without phone service seems unnecessary.... 


Novice III

Did you ever get this solved? What ended up happening with the physical sim?