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Amazon Promo

Hi Visible! First off, let me say how PLEASED I am with service and price. I'm stationed in a rural area with horrible options for broadband, and Visible's unlimited hotspot is allowing me to live stream on YouTube and Twitch without a hitch - thank ...

Transfer eSIM/other SIM questions (iPhone/Android)

Trying out Visible on a iPhone XR, activated via the app onto eSIM.The phone handles Dual Sim (eSIM & Physical SIM) quite well, so i can toggle between the VZW based Visible service, and the other SIM that is TM based Qlink Wireless. My questions. Sh...

Resolved! Cancelled Auto-Pay

I cancelled auto-pay after reading of all the issues some customers are having. I joined Visible less than a month ago so I yet to get my second bill. Will I receive an email reminder or is it my responsibility to remember my bill due date?

baturro by Novice III
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Palm phone support?

I probably already know the answer but I just want to ask anyways, does visible support the Palm phone or plans to support it? I am "due" for an upgrade but I don't like how all these new phones are just getting bigger and bigger. I like the size of ...

Ed1337 by Novice
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I would like to leave VERIZON ~ But still owe $400.00 on my phone. Will v s ble buy out my contract with Verizon?

Taylor by Novice
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