Remember me button

Novice II

I wish visible would add a remember me feature to their app. Having to type email in every time is a pain. Should be an easy feature and make app more user friendly



Hey @Brianb - sorry you've had trouble with this... what kind of phone & app version are you running on?

I've ran on an iPhone on the latest app version (now 2.3.40 on iOS) and have only ever had to type my email in once to stay logged in.

I'm using galaxy s9 phone and s6 tablet both require me to type info in I have updated to the newest visible app

Yes, that's how the standard app works. But when you go into settings and enable it you can just log in with your fingerprint. Please open the settings and look for the option.


Novice III

If your phone has a fingerprint sensor you can enable biometrics in the app settings!

My s9 biometric is crap it hardly ever even unlocks my phone with finger print

Hey @Brianb - yes that can be frustrating. I have submitted a feature request for the Visible app to 'remember me' on Android devices rather than having to log in every time.

Thank you for bringing visibility to this (haha no pun intended 😏). Fingers crossed this will be considered and possibly implemented soon!

Intermediate III

I swear this was a feature at some point! Maybe I'm crazy, but I do know it isn't a feature now

Novice III

It seems to work great on iOS to remember you but that feature on Android would be amazing!