Signal Loss


I joined Visible in 2019. Since then, I've convinced my dad; 7 coworkers, their wives and kids; my best friend, his wife and their three kids; my best friend's mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and their kids; two of my best friend's cousins, his wife's cousin, his wife and their three kids AND my landlord and his wife to switch to Visible. And that's not even everyone who switched to Visible at my recommendation. So, that's, AT LEAST, 40 new accounts and multiple new devices sales Visible gained strictly because I encouraged them all to make the switch based on my personal experience with Visible and the fact that, for the first two years, I experienced no perceptible change or loss in the quality of service, download speeds or signal strength that I had with both Verizon and AT&T.


HOWEVER, based on the abrupt decline in quality of service, download speeds and signal strength I've been experiencing in 2022, particularly since late April/ early May, I can no longer recommend anyone make the switch to Visible and am, currently, considering and investigating other carrier options.


Areas where RSRP signal strengths were, previously, consistently > -105dBm (3-4 bars), now, only have a signal strength of < -115dBm (1 bar), at best. For example, up until the past three months, I had a, reliable, 3 bars sitting at my desk at work every day. Then, one day, I, suddenly, could only get 1 bar sitting in the exact same place. Similarly, up until the past three months or so, I could stream iHeart Radio with no streaming interruptions/ buffering or loss of signal during my 85-mile, twice-daily commute. Then, one day, without any change to my route, schedule, phone, operating system or background processes the same iHeart Radio stations that, previously, streamed flawlessly, suddenly started buffering, dropping and failing to play at all.


The most troubling example of this precipitous decline in quality of service left me stranded and alone in an unsafe area when my signal sharply and unexpectedly dropped from 2 bars to "No Signal" while I was using a long-trusted and reliable GPS navigation app for directions. With "No Signal" to allow the app to guide me, I took a wrong turn and found myself down a narrow, unmaintained road with no outlet. While turning around to retrace my steps, I ran over something in the overgrown shoulder which dented the interior side of my rim and caused an explosive blowout. With "No Signal", I couldn't call AAA or anyone else to help me, so I had to walk until I could get a signal again. I, a single woman, wound up walking for more than a mile, alone, on the overgrown shoulder of an unlit, two-lane road in a dangerous area at dusk to try to find enough of a signal to call for help, but it was to no avail. Fortunately, I'm not so helpless that I couldn't change my own tire, but not without immense effort and personal injury. The wheel and tire on my truck weigh more than I do, while trying to remove the dented rim, I cut my hand quite badly and had to have stitches...

I'd used the exact same GPS navigation app on the exact same phone in the exact same area a year earlier without loss of signal or incident, so after changing my tire, a trip to an Urgent Care Clinic and calling the co-worker who had been expecting me hours earlier, we returned to the site of my tire blowout to find the culprit responsible and to test a theory- lo and behold, my co-worker, a Verizon customer,  had 3 bars on his, identical, phone, while I, still, had "No Signal".


As a customer who has, personally, referred more than three dozen customers and recommended Visible to, at least, six or seven dozen others, I'm beyond dissatisfied with Visible's recent and almost vertical decline in the quality of service. What changed to cause such a perpendicular recession in quality of service? Should Visible customers expect this unsatisfactory level of diminished performance to become the new benchmark for Visible's quality of service?


Has anyone else experienced this, or any other, dramatic change in Visible's service?


From the community I understood a lot of people are expecting the same problem I found a good company called US Mobile try them out they have a 10 day free trial if you have a family plan it comes out almost the same price as visible you could get free Spotify.... You also get free international roaming data in 150 you countries you also get 100 gig premium data but after words it slows down to 1 Mbps so if you use a lots of data I wouldn't recommend it and if anyone is happy with visible there is no reason why he should switch 

Hi, first I would recommend you upgrade to a new plan.  I suspect you will not have any issue than.