Text Down


Dear Visible,


Please reach out to me and give me a Port out Pin...I have tried FB messenger and have been on hold all day through the app chat, I cant get on the chat through my PC because of the 2 part Authent and no texts!  I just want to port out please...ASAP!


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FYI, this is a peer to peer forum and actually getting customer service to reach out to you from here will be slim to none. With the issues with texting the last 2 days CS is likely backed up with trying to get customers back up and running. Only option you have to to patiently wait in chat, Facebook messenger which you have tried, or Twitter. With the amount of people having issues it looks like chat will be a long wait. 


Edit: there is another option to get a hold of customer service and not sure it will be any faster but they have a presence on Reddit, you can send them a message on there. https://www.reddit.com/u/VisibleCareSupport