Upgrading to iPhone 14 and New Visible Basic Plan ($30/mo)


I am currently on the legacy Unlimited plan with an iPhone 7 Plus and pay $25/mo with Party Pay.  I am thinking about upgrading to iPhone 14 and jumping on the new $30/mo basic plan.  What steps should I follow, once I receive the iPhone 14?

I tried Chat, but no human agents were available.

Here are my guesses:

1.  Download Visible app onto the new iPhone 14.

2. On the app's Home page, there is an option, "transfer your sim."  It transfers your physical sim to an eSIM.  I have the physical sim in my iPhone 7 Plus, but only eSIM in the iPhone 14.

3. Cell service will be available on the new iPhone 14 then?????

This info should be in the FAQ.  I had a quick look, did not find it.

Many thanks in advance for your info!



I am also following this.  I have same setup.....


Hopefully, a Visible staff or some knowledgeable folks will chime in......


I am also following this post.  I have same questions/setup....

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same here waiting for someone to reply. I worry about some issues causing me to lose my number. 


Alrighty, guys, I contacted Visible Care via FB Messenger.  Here is the reply I received:


"The information provided it's just my recommendation to make sure you will have service all this time.

1. Receive the new phone.

2. Convert from physical SIM to eSIM.

3. Once the SIM is converted you can upgrade the plan with eSIM, so the installation will be completed in just a few moments."


Anyone who has tried to update to a new phone and the new Visible plans, you are welcome to chime in to help others to avoid possible issues.  Thanks!


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I’m in the same boat, pretty sure after you set up you use the visible app and the cellular menu on the iPhone. I get mine on Friday so I’ll update when I get it done. We are lucky visible is one of the few that the iPhone 14 will work with right away using esim. 


Check this link:  How do I activate service using eSIM? (visible.com)


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Just want to update everyone that I have since successfully updated my iPhone 7 Plus to the 14 Pro Max and the legacy Unlimited plan to the new $45/mo Plus Plan.  The following is what I did:

1. Update the OS in your new phone to the latest: 16.01.

2. Make sure your new phone is connected to a WiFi all the time, while you activate.  Please also plug your new phone to a power source, just to be sure.

3. Enable location service on your new phone.  If this feature is not enabled, you will be asked to do so during activation.  This happened to me.

4. Download Visible app to your new phone.

5. At the home page of the app, there should be an option of "transferring pSIM to eSIM."  Tap on that.  The activation process will start.

6.  The process will generate a message, saying a text message containing a validation code will be sent to your old phone.

7. Key in that validation code to the Visible app on your new phone.

8. Activation will ask you to key an IMEI.  If there are two, either one will work--the pop up says.  I chose IMEI2, and it worked.

9. Activation continues--and eventually finishes!

10. Do NOT quit the app while the activation process is taking place.  I also tried to prevent the phone screen from going blank by touching the screen every minute or two.

11. After the phone is upgraded, I then upgraded the legacy Unlimited plan to the new $45/mo plan.  Speed is much faster than the legacy one.  It ranges from 20 mbps to 800 mbps, depending on time and location of the day.

Thx to everyone who has watched this thread!


Thanks so much for your update. I’ve been a satisfied Visible customer for 2 years and will be upgrading my iPhone 11 to an iPhone 14 soon. I’ll be following all of your instructions.