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Resolved! Survey Opportunity ‌‌‌‌💡

Visible Community We love to hear from our members and always look to improve from your direct feedback. If you are one of those Visible fans that want to make your voice heard, we have a survey opportunity on the link below. Survey Link ✔️


Pixel 5a 5g compatibility factory direct version

I chatted with a rep and they said the archives show it as compatible. I would imagine so since it is identical to the pixel 5, can anyone co firm to me or a rep that the pixel 5a 5g gets full function of lte as well as 5g

Dmccarty by Novice II
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Visible Iphone 13

Is the iPhone 13 offered by Visible Dual band capable? I know they are unlocked after 3 months but are they both GSM and CDMA compatible?

Coverage in Hawaii on Oahu

I was recently in Oahu. I know, it's still America, but wanted to share my experience. Data speeds were excellent! I never found a single dead spot, even up on the mountains. No congestion what so ever, even in the resort areas. Overall, great servic...

devin37354 by Intermediate III
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party plan

I just signed up for myself and am waiting on a SIM card to be mailed to me. How do I add my family to the party plan? I'm going around in circles right now.

lyelton by Novice
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Getting started

my fist time with this phone company an I hated it I almost didn't use this service I have had the worst time trying to activate my phone an port a number an my number is from text now but after finally getting the right people an help I am starting ...

Porting number from republic wireless

I'm attempting to switch from republic to visible. When I go through the check out and enter my information for porting, it says "Verizon account" with my listed account number and then says it will be sending the information to Verizon to port (even...

Jrb2008 by Novice
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Visible Midnight Device Thread

New Device Alert!  Only available on Visible.com, the first fully Visible branded device! The Visible Midnight. Are you excited about the latest device from Visible? Drop a comment below.