Why visible not receiving payment


       Hey! Everyone In visible land. Im just waving my flag of distress. Visible is not allowing me to make a payment. My phone is off . Been texting them  for two days , no help .Never know it ,was this hard to pay a phone bill. 

Someone in visible land  with power to solve problems, the inner lander

here my email if you can help. And the power cycle thing did not work.
Lagreen.ninja Gmail 


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You will have to get a hold of customer service to get it fixed. To get a old of them, preferably on a laptop or desktop, on your account page click the little blue box with the caption with the 3 dots in it, once the chat box comes up ask for a live agent or type live agent, if you don't you will get a robot answering you questions. You can also get a hold of them via Facebook messenger or Twitter DM both link/icons can be found in the bottom righthand corner of this page.


I had the same issue...switched to new network last week and autopay glitched.  Chatting resolved nothing, but they did "escalate" to a different team.  Received an email this morning with a case # assigned and a request for screenshots of all of the errors and issues when trying to make a payment...NEVER HAD ANY RESPONSE FROM THE EMAIL, TWITTER, OR FB MESSENGER MESSAGES I SENT.


This afternoon, I tried to log on to visible.com and was successful.  I was able to access my account tab and complete the payment and turn autopay back on manually.  Maybe try logging in from a computer and see if you can address the payment issue today. 


As for me, the lack of response is a deal killer--I'm looking for a different carrier.