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I have been a Visible customer for 2+ years.  I wanted to set up another account.  I want a used phone.  Visible says they have used phones, but the only thing ever there is a few used Iphones, never any Android.  I used Visible's compatibility list, purchased a used phone on line, but when I when to register it with the IMEI number I was told it was incompatible.  When I questioned this with the chatbot, I was told that even tho a model may be on their 'compatible list', that doesn't mean it will work.  Then what is the compatibility list for?  Why does Visible make it so hard to do business?  I tried to get the IMEI number from sellers before I purchase another phone and that  doesn't work, they say "it is factory unlocked so it will work" , but I already got burned trying to go that route. 


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It is unfortunate that Visible does this with android phones. I started here in July 2021 and even bought a Motorola phone from them and when the new plans rolled out it was not compatible and was told it didn't have the right technology. I didn't want to buy a new phone but found a used 2022 model, same as I had only a year newer, that was sold by Visible earlier in 2022. I upgraded to the new plan by ordering a card for the 2022 model, when it arrived I put it in the 2021 model that was not compatible and activated it just fine. Customer service told me the same thing, also told me my 2021 model phone doesn't have the right technology, funny how I was able to activate it and it worked just fine, didn't need a newer used phone after all.


It boils down to Visible needs to approve the phone, it's in the terms of service, and the only way to do that seems to be to sell you a new one that is already in there IMEI database and not update it with older phones, even ones they sold before 2022. It seems like the checker only works with android phones they have sold in 2022 to now. Not sure why Visible treats iPhone's so freely and android phones are treated so poorly is beyond me. 


Hopefully Visible in the near future will work on the IMEI database so the checker works similar to how they pass the iPhones.

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I just bought a brand new unlocked phone from Motorola, the EXACT same model that Visible sells.  Come to find out, my new phone is not "compatible" even though it's the same model.  So I guess not upgrade for me, just bought a new phone for no reason. Apparently only phones purchased directly from Visible will be compatible, even if they're the exact same model.  Too bad they don't tell you this up front.