esim in Mexico


For those traveling in Mexico and have the cheaper visible plan, I think the visible service wont work.  Has anyone with an android esim had any luck adding a Mexican esim and running them at the same time in Mexico?  Does it even work that way?  I'm hoping to be able to use the Mexican esim for data while traveling and use the visible esim while on the wifi at the hotel, etc...


Novice III

First, make sure to activate and test Wi-Fi calling before leaving the USA. I've used it successfully when traveling (Voice, SMS/MMS).

On the eSIM subject, I wasn't able to get one on any of the Mexican mobile carriers (Telcel, AT&T, Movistar, Altan MVNO's), because neither of my devices were compatible (S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra), so I bought a prepaid physical SIM card from Telcel for around $10 USD (Unlimited Voice, Text and 3GB data). There are cheaper options, but Telcel has the best coverage in Mexico.


BTW, you can have multiple eSIMs on your phone and switch to any of them depending on the situation and/or needs.