iPad will NOT connect to iPhone hotspot

Novice II

Sometimes I get an error message on my iPad when I try to connect it to my iPhones hotspot that says: 


“The network is temporarily unavailable. Try again later.”

Usually I can restart the iPhone (and iPad sometimes too) and then the iPad will connect. That’s not working today though.


Why does this happen and how can fix this?




Only thing that comes to mind is do you have another device that is connected to the hotspot? Visible is restricted to one device being connected to hotspot, it seems that iPhones are the only ones affected by this, Androids can seem to circumvent this. So if you have something else already connected to the hotspot it won't let you connect another device. If this isn't the case then I would not have a clue what could be wrong.

Nope, no other device was connected to the hotspot then. It’s so random when this happens.


I sometimes wonder if Visible limits connectivity during times of heavy traffic.



P.S. You can still connect multiple devices to your iPhones hotspot using a router. I haven’t done this personally but I’ve seen it done and it’s easy.

In times of heavy traffic you will see you speeds drop because of being deprioritized if on the basic plan or after the 50GB of premium data on the plus plan. That nay affect your connection. As far as I know Visible will not limit your connectivity. If you see less than 5Mbps of speed on your phone your hotspot will suffer since it seems like the phone uses some of that band width first. I saw this when I was on the old system prior to September 2022, I always had slow speeds where my phone would see only around 3Mbps and my hotspot would be at around 1Mbps when it is that low. After they upgraded I saw my daytime speeds increase to mid 30Mbps speeds so I am seeing the full 5Mbps speeds on the hotspot to my laptop.


I could suggest is try resetting your wi-fi/mobile/Bluetooth and see if that clears it. On my Android if I do this it does reset hotspot name and password so don't forget to change it back if it does this on iPhone. Only other suggestion would be is to contact Visible customer service and explain your situation you are having, they may be able to fix it by doing a provision to your SIM. 


I can connect multiple devices to Motorola phone but one is more than enough since Visible limits hotspot speed to 5Mbps speeds.