need signal boost and verison can't help without assistance from visible


I have asked verison for help to improve reception  but they do not have me listed as an account holder.  Is verison the service that you are using for my account?


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Not only does Visible run on Verizon's network, Verizon owns Visible. They keep the account numbers separate though. So, I'm not sure how you would get it to work. I would contact Visible through their chat first to see what can be done.

Thanks.  How do I contact visible?

Oh, just go to There is a blue chat box in the bottom right-hand corner. Just click that and you'll be able to be connected. Grab a cup of hot cocoa. Sometimes the waits are long, but once connected they are usually very helpful.

thank you so much

Hi, did you have any luck? I am in the same boat. Thanks


I did chat with someone from visible and was told that they do not have a booster program.  We went through several step to check my settings and and checked my sime card.  It helped a little but not completely. 

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I will say, if you can get your hands on a booster, Visible DOES work with it. We have several at work that we ordered for our retail stores (I work in IT for a retail company) my my Visible device works just fine on the booster. We get ours through our VZW account though, not Visible