problem transferring phone nr from Tmobile to Visible


When I tried to transfer my phone # to Visible could only select "Consumer Cellular" as my carrier.

My carrier is T-Mobile; not Consumer cellular.

But the app did not allow me to enter T-mobile. It insisted on Consumer Cellular.

I went along with that since they are connected; but that did not work.

The link to cancel in the iOS Visible app lands on a screen that ask if I want to cancel, but there is no way to select "Yes". There is only a button to chat but the chat is useless on this.

So I am stuck. I have uninstalled the Visible app to start over, but after reinstalling it lands on the same screen where I cannot restart the process.




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Unfortunately, Chat via the app or web browser, or messaging via Facebook or Twitter are the only support options you receive with Visible. They appear to be all the same level 1 scripted support and all are being slammed right now - prepare for a lengthy wait.


It appears that I have cancel my new Visible contract since I cannot get it to work as needed.