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No coverage


I was previously a Verizon customer and had ok coverage when traveling. I switched to Visible a few months ago and have many areas where I now have ZERO coverage in the same area.

if the towers are the same, why the poor coverage?


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Hey there!

Thanks for raising this concern. Our technology is on the Verizon network, yes, but our service doesn't move with them. Visible only runs on Verizon's 4G LTE and 5G networks. If you're in an area that only supports 3G or any other network under 4G, then you may experience times of little to no service. Here is the link to the coverage map, so that you can check any specific locations.

Novice II

Your coverage map shows 4G coverage in my area, but if I'm lucky and on a good day I have 1 bar of cellular service.


Does anyone know the coverage in Long Caynon, Woodranch simi valley?

Novice II

Experienced similar issues going through central OK. Verizon map showed coverage, Visible showed some big holes. Guess that is why we pay lower fees. I don't travel a bunch so just a minor inconvenience. Visible is still worth it, but I can see if you travel frequently this might not be the best option for a service provider.