Visible Protect Woes: iPhone 15 Pro Max & Apple Watch Ultra 2 – Seeking Solutions and Updates



Hello everyone,


I recently upgraded to the iPhone 15 Pro Max and purchased an Apple Watch Ultra 2 through Visible, opting to include Visible Protect for both devices during the checkout process. However, despite paying for my initial month of service, I've noticed that the $22 insurance fees ($12 for the iPhone, $10 for the watch) hasn't been deducted from my account.

Upon checking my account settings, I see that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is listed, but it's categorized as a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) instead of correctly identifying it as an iPhone 15. Additionally, there's no indication of Visible Protect for either device.


This issue seems to extend to my Apple Watch Ultra 2 as well, with Visible Protect missing from its listing in the account settings.


An update on my situation: After purchasing my iPhone 15 Pro Max, I finally managed to get the insurance activated a week later, but my Apple Watch Ultra 2 is still without coverage. It's worth noting that I purchased both devices separately, first the iPhone, then the watch a week later.


Despite this, the issue persists with my Apple Watch not receiving the insurance coverage. Additionally, my iPhone, while now covered, still shows up as a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) instead of being properly recognized as an iPhone 15.


Has anyone else experienced a similar situation? And more importantly, has anyone found a solution to this problem? I've tried escalating to a supervisor and even hinted at cancelation threats, but so far, no luck.


Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your help!