"Message Expired or Not Available" GROUP TEXTS MISSING


I am super glad they created this community, as I have been looking everywhere for a fix to this and NOTHING HAS HELPED. I miss about 10% of Group Chat MMS messages. They come in individually from the person that sent it and show up as "message expired or not available" (at least in Google Messages it is different on other apps I have tried. This is a common issue I have seen it all over reddit. At first I thought it was an issue with Google Messages, so I switched to Signal. Had the same issue. My parents both have the same issue on their phones and we all have Moto G Powers. I even found out that several people on Verizon that have iPhones are missing the same texts that I do. This seems like a network issue with Verizon. I have gone through so much troubleshooting you won't even believe it. Please ask for any specifics on my issue and I'll be happy to oblige. I WANT THIS TO BE FIXED SO BAD.


Novice II

None of my group texts are working.  Every message I send says "Message not sent: invalid destination address"  When I got someone on chat to help they said I have to talk to Google (using Google messenger).  Not receiving any group messages either. None.