2-Step Verification


I'm trying to sign into my account so that I can upgrade as I am required to do. I do NOT receive a code for the 2-step verification. What can I do? I can't sign into the account.


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Contact customer service and they will temporarily disable your 2FA. You can contact them by chat, that is on your account page, little blue box bottom right, you don't have to sign in to contact them. You can also contact them through Facebook messenger or Twitter, both links/icons can be found on the bottom righthand corner of this page.


will this work with me porting my mint number to visible.  I was forced to set up 2 step before I could use the app.  The only 2 step I can do is my current visible phone number. I am worried if I port my number I will not  have access to my current number which I set up for 2 step.  I have a month to port my number but before I do I want to make sure it all goes smoothly, and I end up having no phone service.  I wish they would give you more chances for 2 step like the number and email, not just the number.  Can someone tell me what I should do.  

What you can do is before you port your number in have it send the 2FA to the current or temporary number, when signing in click the box that says "trust this device" that way when you need to sign in again that device will not need the 2FA code. 


If this doesn't work to get the 2FA to your temp number then you will have to contact customer service and have them disable it. Have them verify by email instead of by text. It will be disabled for 24 hours.