2 chats, 2+ hours, website still won't take my $$


"Oops! Please check the credit card information or provide an alternate payment method."


I received this message 10+ times while trying to purchase a phone on this website.


-I called my bank to ensure they weren't blocking the payment. Chase said their system showed a "Point of Sale" error, aka not a Chase problem, but a Visible problem. 

-I added another debit card

-I deleted and re-added both debit cards

-I logged off and logged back on

-I used an incognito browser

Customer service reps did not have any other suggestions: not their fault, it's a website issue. 


I guess Visible does not want to spend money to make money. Make your website better. Give your customer service reps the tools to actually be helpful.

Until then, I will purchase my phone somewhere else. This is madness.



Hello there!
We are really sorry to see that you face issues with the payment. I'd love to help you out and can request that our Care team get back in touch with you ASAP. Is it OK if someone reaches out to you directly using the email address associated with your community account?

Visible service is such a useless point of contact in resolving these kind of issues, Asking customer to use alternate methods even when their cc and banks are not blocking the payment is such a waste of time, when visible engineering can't fix their internal issue


I can't access the website to pay my bill, only the community site. Yesterday it showed 404.  Today, 403 FORBIDDEN. Tried with my phone, 3 different computers, 7 different browsers. I can't even find a phone number.  Heck, even Microsoft says it ain't me.  Not a very good start.


Yes i have also been getting regular messages from VSN claiming that their offers are being missed out. I'm not sure that these are visible. I think they are just bots from some 3rd part organizations. several Chatbot Development Services provides more reliable bots that can boost user experience for customers and provide detailed information, such bots must be leveraged


It's 02/02/2022 and I'm still having the same issue. Tried a bunch of cards, paypal and nothing works. The rep on chat keeps telling me to start over again clearing the cart as a possible fix, which clearly isn't a fix since this is a website issue.

Novice III

I'm having the exact same problem 3/17/2022. Can anyone offer me any help?



I'm having the exact same issue. Did this ever get resolved?


I have the same issue. Whan I chatted with the customer service rep, he said that he can try activating it from his side, but they would charge me $25 for it. $25!!!!!!!!!!  Told him to forget it. I'll try something else


Yeah I had the same issue, except mine was while trying to make a payment for my bill, tried using my credit card and got the same error and would only take my boyfriend's card. It doesn't make any sense. 


This continues to happen to me. I've created a new account using a new email address. I tried three different cards on both accounts. The issue is not with the various banks; it's with Visible. It makes me nervous about continuing to seek service with them. I've seen that some people haven't qualified for their sign-up perks because the payment glitches during the second or third month of service. 


Problem still not resolved October 22, 2022.  I have tried 3 CC and Visible will not accept any of them.


This has been happening with me for more then 2 weeks now when I I tried buying an Iphone using Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Paypal. Made 5+ accounts, still the same issue. Chatted with customer support daily, everytime saying id get a call, BUT NEVER RECEIVED ONE. They gave me ticket numbers, which has no updates since 2 weeks. Im fed up now. Did anyone get this issue resloved?

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I've had similar issue. Capital One is getting charged but Visible is not sending me a confirmation or shipping order. I get an order #, it stops there. They've reversed/refunded my order 4 times but cannot seem to see that they're getting paid. Now my phone us no longer on sale!! Visible originally told me that "an engineer" was looking into the problem.  Never heard back, only an email stating at I was refunded. No a happy customer!


I've also been receiving frequent messages from VSN about missing out on offers. I suspect these are bots from third-party organizations. There are many AI Chatbot Development Services that offer more reliable bots, which can enhance user experience and provide detailed information. These should be utilized instead.