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Hello, I am a current visible customer and also have sprint (well I guess t mobile now). I am currently waiting out my contract and will be purchasing my phone which is a samsung s20 ultra 5G which I purchased through sprint.  So, will I be able to use my Samsung with visible once I purchase it and get it unlocked? And also will I be able to port my sprint/t mobile number to replace my existing visible number? Thanks for taking the time to read this and welcome any help! ๐Ÿ™



Visible makes it easy, they have an IMEI checker here:


Check If Your Phone Is Compatible | Visible


I don't see a problem porting your number over, have you considered the following:


-Bring your phone and port your number as a new account on Visible. Why? You will get $100 after two payments to Visible:


Bring Your Own Phone Plan | BYOD | BYOP | Visible


What I would do:

Do the BYOP, do a referral, so that you will pay $5 for your first month of service, join a Party Pay, and your second month will cost $25.


So $100 - 30 = $70 net income for bringing your phone & number to Visible.


Make it even sweeter if you are not a Rakuten member. Have someone refer you, make a qualifying purchase, and you will get $30 rebated by to you from Rakuten. If that purchase through Rakuten is on Visible's website, that will get you currently $15. Netting you an additional $45 total.


If you need a Rakuten referral, please ask. 

Honestly the only concern about doing that was bailing on my party. They've all been solid from the beginning.  And what's Rakuten? 


I understand. I was in a small four person party for months, two people left, Visible didn't send the notification email about the departures.


If you want to help your party, leave right after your next due date, when the bill is paid. This will give them 29 days or so to find a replacement.


No one should be in small parties these days. Joining with a larger group minimizes the effect of someone leaving.


Rakuten is a shopping referral site. You go to their site first before buying from their partners, and click the links to the vendor sites, generating rebates to you.


If you are not a current member, start here:




Upon you first qualifying purchase, you will earn a $30 rebate, and so will I.


Visible is a Rakuten vendor, and currently if you use the Visible link after joining Rakuten and you make a purchase, you will qualify for $15 more dollars back. You could easily net $45 by joining Rakuten and using their links just with one purchase from Visible.


Plus they have a ton of other vendors. Lots of ways to get rebates, just for online shopping.


I just checked compatibility on my unlocked Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G and it said not compatible, and it's not in the compatible phones in the help.  Although S20 FE 5G is supported *shrug*.  I'd be cautious about yours.

that's odd. I see it listed on this list. https://www.visible.com/help/compatible

What carrier was your phone unlocked from?