Absolutely frustrated trying to get visible cell plan


I have been trying to get my husbands cell on visible for over 2 weeks now.  I ordered a physical sim and fedex decided I did not live here and sent the sim back (live in country, too far to drive for one package).   Chatted with visible and “no problem, we send another”…crickets…nothing……chat again, they will “send one again, I will personally see to it and follow up on it….” A couple more days and still we have crickets….no sim on the way.   Yesterday’s first chat was to “delete app and sign out of online…”  THEN YOU ARE DISCONNECTED FROM CHAT PERSON (really good move on their part to move a customer along).   Yesterday’s second chat was a push to use the esim option.  I was about ready to cave and try that…..during the process it kicked it back because “I had a sim on the way”…..  well we know that is false cause fedex sent it back  🙄.   Customer service people are very very nice but all full of bull - yesterday chat revealed that first order was cancelled and the 2 orders after that were never placed.   I’m done.  I am trying to get cell service without getting a temporary number. I have devoted way too many hours trying to do business with your company and overlooked way too many bad behaviors on your part. #badvisible  #nocustomerservice  #lostmybusiness