Account broken for weeks, tech support unable to fix


My account has been broken for almost two months. I'm in my fourth escalation, second case number. My account has reverted to 18 months ago: prior device I bought via Affirm, paid off and sold off in February but now Visible, despite confirming with Affirm that device was paid off, shows my current device as that old iPhone 12 Mini with 0% of loan paid off. Because Visible falsely shows it arrears, I can't view or change plans, view or change my device, or even access info to switch carriers. Despite at least 6 different techs and trying via web, Twitter and Facebook, the problem is unsolved. It's clearly a back-end  problem as any link in my account pages goes to a URL that ends in "migration_incompatible". At this point, short of contacting the authorities to intercede or just surrendering this number and stop paying the bill and getting a new number from scratch at another company, I have no idea how to resolve this. I have a ton of account linked to this number so it would take weeks to reset up everything under a new number, so calling some authority (not sure who) seems to be the only resort.