Account cannot be found


I have been a Visible customer since Dec 2018 with auto payment. Every month I am charged a fee and my line is active. Since June I no longer receive the "thanks for your payment" email, though my PayPal account is still charged monthly, and the line is still active.

I now try to login to make some changes, and then it seems my account cannot be found using my email. I tried online chat, but the CSR cannot find my account with my email either. They cannot use my Visible phone number to search for my account either. Now I am very frustrated... Anyone else lost account before? Any suggestions?


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You have to ask the customer Care Rep to escalate it to the higher department after few days back and forth they should fix it

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I suspect that your account might have been affected by the data breach in 2021 where many user accounts were compromised.


Please reach out to the customer care representative and tell them that you cannot access your account.

I talked to a CSR and was told they could not find it without my email in their system.

Give them your phone number and tell them to create a ticket, if your phone is working it's obviously on the Verizon network the engines should be able to resolve it because your phone is active on the Verizon network, it will take a few days they will follow up on email till it's resolved