Account says my phone is active, but no service is available


I switched over to Visible from Verizon with a Samsung Galaxy s10. My Visible account says that my phone is active, my number was ported and my device is unlocked, but my phone is not receiving service. Cannot call or text and cannot receive either. I have removed and reinserted the SIM card several times, have done several power cycles, checked the mobile networks, and toggled Airplane Mode multiple times. When I start up my phone, the Verizon graphic still displays after the initial Samsung display. 


You might want to contact customer service for help instead of the community forums for help. 



I did. I spent several hours with them and they can't tell me what is wrong and they haven't really offered a solution. 

Is the phone compatible with Visible? Did it pass the IMEI checker when you signed up? The S10 is a 5 year old phone and have read on Visible's Reddit page that there have been people few that have had issues getting older Galaxy's to work, I know I saw mention of the S10 a couple times. Not sure what the issues were but a couple mention needing to make changes to the APN. I don't have knowledge on what changes need to be made or how to do it as some phones lock this out.

It did, or at least I thought it did. Support asked me what kind of phone I have and I told them the IMEI and they were still unable to figure out what was wrong. They're sending a new SIM card. If that doesn't work, I'm tapping out.