Activation Issues




I am coming to Visible from Verizon. Followed all the steps in the activation for my iPhone. Was able to submit the transfer from Verizon to Visible. Now I do not have service on either my Verizon (primary number) or my Visible (secondary number). I did not cancel my Verizon service, so I don't really understand why I'm unable to receive calls or send texts. Currently it shows the Visible service as SOS only, and the Verizon as LTE with a few bars but no one is able to call me and I cannot send any texts out. Since activating Visible to transfer my current number over from Verizon about 15 hours have passed, but I need my phone for work and everyday life. I assumed I would be able to use my Verizon service until I got the email from Visible, but haven't received it yet. Slightly annoying. Has anyone got any insight on steps that may be taken? I have reset the phone a few times with no luck.