Apple Watch series 7 cannot activate over a month now!

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I have spent hours in the chat waiting and it has been over a month now. I had an open case with Visible closed saying my watch would work, and it still doesn’t work with Visible. I had a series 5 that worked. Now I cannot get my watch to activate and I’m so fed up with customer service at this point! I keep getting a message that says “ We are sorry, the phone number associated with this watch is not associated with this account”. I have tried reinstalling the Visible app, there is no Sim activated on the watch, any help would be appreciated at this point. I’ve been on hold now for an hour with Visible through the chat and I’m still 11th in line. 


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Hey, did you find a solution to your Apple Wath issue?

Nope. Not yet. On my third extended chat with customer service they gave me a case number and told me to go to the Facebook page. I've had four messages saying they are sending my case to "" triage.

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Update: was finally able this morning to use my Apple Watch with GPS. It took to case numbers and mini hours with customer service chat. The final fix came after taking my case number and a screenshot of the message I got which was "we are sorry the number associated with this watch doesn't match your account. " and posting that to visible Facebook messenger. It took about a week after the last go round to finally get it connected. just wanting to give anyone who's having this issue a little bit of hope.:-)

Sorry about the spelling. I was dictating. I meant cellular, not GPS. And 2, and many. Cheers!

Glad you were able to get help. Messenger has stopped responding to my messages and all of my escalated cases are not fixed even though they say they should be.  I’ve been waiting for a phone call for over a week.  Ready to switch services. 

Update: when I changed my eSIM over to a new iPhone, I lost absolutely all service to phone and watch and was without a phone for over a week and they were never able to resolve it and so I had to leave visible. Just saying, the service went from bad to worse.

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