Apple iWatch not connecting to cellular


I am completely disgusting in the customer service from Visible. 
i purchased I watch 7 with the plan on using the cellular plan visible OFFERS AND PROMOTES. yet my iwatch is having a issue connecting to the cellular plan. I go to the watch app, try to connect to cell data, I sign in with my visible info and it saids “give us a second while we get plan information” it does not go past this. After three days of chatting with reps just for them to stop replying. My case was escalated and I followed their instructions that was emailed to me. Still getting the same outcome.  



Hey there! I am really sorry that you are experiencing an issue with getting your Apple Watch 7 working with our service. I'd love to help you out and can request that our Care team get back in touch with you ASAP. Is it OK if someone reaches out to you directly using the email address associated with your community account? -LS

I am having the same problem. What is the resolution??


same problem here...did anyone get resolved????


Same problem here. How do I get a real person to contact me?