Switching to a phone with no SIM and now I cannot use cellular service.

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My current iPhone 14 Pro says it’s connected to cell service, but it cannot send text messages, make phone calls, or use apps needing the internet (so most of them) withou first connecting to the WiFi. I previously had the iPhone XR and due to me dropping it, the cellular baseband broke. I needed to replace it, so I purchased the iPhone 14 Pro. I have been trying to activate this new phone’s service for over two weeks now. I am so mad and frustrated over paying for service I cannot use. I have spent hours in various chats and DMs trying to get this resolved, only to be passed from agent to agent. I do the same steps of resetting network settings, redownloading eSIMs, and power cycling the phone. Nothing works. They have claimed to escalate my issue to the engineers three separate times; thus far they have always “reset something on their end” and claim that the issue is resolved in their emails. They clearly have not. What do I do at this point besides leave?


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Try this solution from another user:

Just in case someone else has the same issue as me... after talking to 4 agents one finally told me to activate the Visible eSIM on IMEI2, not IMEI. It worked like a charm. So save yourself a lot of hassle and just copy the IMEI2 number when you activate your iPhone.

Unfortunately, this solution did not work for me; the phone could not access the internet or the cellular network without wifi still. I could randomly receive calls, but that was it. I could not make any outgoing calls or texts. I'm still trying to find a solution.

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I went through a similar situation. Having Visible for about a year on my iphone SE with Esim and no problem I decided to get an iphone 13 direct from Apple. Figured it was a simple transfer right? Well, after spending hours waiting for chat reps the problem of no data was not getting solved. No data for internet and no messaging. Finally decided to port out to Mint mobile and it took all of 5 minutes to finally have fully working cell service. A big relief!! And their rates are good too!

Oh, and the "escalatng to a high priority" meant an email saying "clear the cache in the Safari browser and re-start the phone", which of course didn't work.

So, if I were you, definetly leave. Hopefully you didn't buy the phone from Visible since they lock you in for 60 days.

I unfortunately did. I'm totally screwed. Thanks for confirming, at least. 

I am currently in the same predicament.  I have spent hours and hours with agents who have done nothing.  Has anything resolved for you yet?

me too.  same predicament.  hours and hours with agents who have taken me through the same steps, each time resulting in no solution.