iWatch upgrade will not connect to account


I am decently new to Visible but was able to switch my iPhone and iWatch over with relatively little issue. I upgraded my watch and I cannot get it to connect to the account... under cellular for the watch it lists Visible as an option but not in use and the only option it gives it to remove the plan. I did, reconnected the watch through the visible activation and same thing. I have tried about 8 times to connect it and it refuses. I have deleted my watch account and then added a new one to visible but it is showing the 7 instead of the 8. Not sure how I fix this. 



Hi @minervatempest - Hopefully your issue is resolved.  However, if not, please note that Visible currently has a policy that only allows you to sign up or change your watch during your renewal date.  Yes, we Superusers think it’s silly, too, but that’s the current situation.  If you could please try again on that date and let us know how it goes, that would be appreciated.  Otherwise, if you already have been helped, please disregard!

Ryan Blake - Information Technology Leadership Professional | Superusers are not employees of Visible, but are users just like you.
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