Bank app hacked?


Just started with Visible a few days ago, moving over from Verizon (with some difficulty). I just tried my bank app for the first time and it appears to be hacked. It comes up with a different security hint every time which appears to be random. I deleted the app and reloaded with the same results. Is there some reason Visible is more open to hacking? Does Visible prevent using a bank app where you need to log in? What's going on? I actually have virus/security software running on my phone.



Your bank application has nothing to do with Visible service. Try logging in to the bank website on laptop/ PC and see if your bank account is compromised. If you think it is talk to your bank on how to reset the password. May be you can add 2FA (Two Factor authentication) with the most banks. That will send one time passwords as SMS or email that needs to be entered in addition to your bank's login password.

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